Digital Safeguarding

Pan Bedforshire Digital Safeguarding work:

Central Bedfordshire, Bedford Borough and Luton Safeguarding Children Board's have formed a Pan Bedfordshire Digital Safeguarding Group, the group's focus is to co-ordinate a multi-agency approach to online safety for children, young people, their families and practitioners by:

  • Improving professionals knowledge about technology and how to support children, young people and their families to stay safe online.
  • Improving children and young people's knowledge and confidence about how to keep themselves safe online
  • Improving parent and carer's knowledge and confidence on how to help their children keep safe online.

Pan Bedfordshire Safeguarding Strategy 

To help take this work forward the three Safeguarding Children Boards have signed up to a Digital Safeguarding Strategy which can be viewed here.

Useful Resources

Some guidance for professionals in relation to responding to 'Sexting' has also been produced and can be viewed here.

Visit the NSPCC’s Net Aware Guide for more information on how to make your child’s social media secure, on these and lots of other apps, sites and games.


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