What is Central Bedfordshire Safeguarding Children Board?

Safeguarding Children is about protecting children and young people from abuse or neglect and ensuring that they grow up in a safe environment.

The Children Act 2004 says that each area must have a Safeguarding Children Board. Ours is made up by representatives from many organisations who have a role in safeguarding children across Central Bedfordshire.

Safeguarding Children Boards

  • Join up what local organisations do to safeguard children
  • Check what organisations do and how well they do it
  • Check if the work being done makes a difference

They do this by:

1. Work to prevent abuse and promote safety:

  • Setting out clearly what organisations and their staff should do to protect children
  • Working to prevent bullying, accidents, injuries and death
  • Ensuring that children, young people and adults know who they can contact when they have concerns about their own or other’s safety and welfare

2. Work that targets particular groups of children and young people such as:

  • Children in Care
  • Children involved in crime or gangs
  • Disabled Children

3. Work to respond to children and young people who are suffering or may be suffering harm

  • Such as through abuse or neglect by family, strangers or professional/volunteer carers or other children
  • Living in households where there is domestic abuse, where adults abuse drugs or alcohol or have a mental illness.


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