CBSCB Complaints

Please see below a link to the Central Bedfordshire Safeguarding Children Board’s procedure for ‘Complaints arising from Child Protection Conferences’

 The only matters the Safeguarding Board Complaints Panel can consider as part of a Stage 2 complaint are:

  • The decision for the child to become, to continue or not to become the subject of a Child Protection Plan;
  • The category(ies) of abuse, determined by the Conference Chair, under which the child is subject to a Child Protection Plan;
  • The process of the Child Protection Conference;
  • Whether the Child Protection Procedures about Child Protection Conferences and other inter-agency protocols were followed. 

The policy further states that: Where the complaint is in relation to the practice, decision of a specific agency or a professional and their conduct, the person who made the complaint will be directed to that agency's internal complaints procedure e.g. the complaint is that the social worker's report to the conference was not shared with the parents in good time prior to the Conference or the Chair of the Conference was rude in their manner to the child/parents in the pre-Conference meeting. 

In order for your complaint to be heard as a Stage 2 complaint you will need to tell us which aspects of your complaint relate to the criteria above, what you are still dissatisfied about and what solution you are looking for. The Panel the Safeguarding Children Board convenes can only make the following recommendations: 

  • Recommend that the Child Protection Conference be reconvened earlier and/or with a different Chair to reconsider any recommendation regarding the decision that the child should be or continue to be subject to a Child Protection Plan and the category of Significant Harm on which any such decision is based;
  • Identify any learning points for a specific agency.


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